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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Voice: 643-ADRC (643-2372)
TTY Line: 643-0889

Executive Office on Aging

The Executive Office on Aging (EOA) is the designated lead state agency in the coordination of a statewide system of aging and family caregiver support services in the State of Hawaii, as authorized by federal and state laws.

EOA through the four county Area Agencies on Aging provide information on how to access aging and caregiver support services, so older adults at risk of nursing home placement may live in their own home for as long as possible.

To learn about EOA's efforts to develop comprehensive and coordinated systems to service older adults and family caregivers in the State of Hawaii, please read the Hawaii State Plan on Aging (2011-2015).

In 2010, EOA was awarded three federal grants which provided funding for the Hawaii Systems Change Initiative:

The Hawaii Systems Change Initiative, once implemented, will result in how EOA and the four county Area Agencies on Aging will deliver services to older adults and family caregivers.  The primary benefits for this change:

  • The use of standardization of tools and the adoption of common performance standards; this will result in positioning the state to respond to federal initiatives and requirements affecting long term care services;

  • Create and enhance current infrastructure for information dissemination; this will assist older adults and their family caregivers in making informed choices about how to meet their long-term care needs;


  • Build programs that support the spirit of Ohana.

The Executive Office on Aging, the four county Area Agencies on Aging and HCBS Strategies (serving as the the Systems Change Developer) are in the process of developing an operational model and the five-year implementation plan.


Executive Office on Aging
No.1 Capitol District
250 South Hotel Street, Suite 406
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813-2831
Phone:  (808) 586-0100
FAX: (808) 586-0185

Executive Office on Aging Staff
Dr. Wesley Lum, Director
Trina Adaro, Secretary
Shannon Chun, Accountant
Josephine Lum, Administrative Support
Lorraine Granay, Accounting Clerk
Sharon Gouveia, Accounting Clerk
John Grant, Grants Manager Supervisor
Caroline Cadirao, Grants Manager
Nancy Moser, Grants Manager
David Kanno, Planner
Judy Paik, Disability Specialist
Tania Kuriki, Statistician
John McDermott, Long Term Care Ombudsman
Anne Holton, Long Term Care Ombudsman Specialist
Pamela Cunningham, Sage PLUS/SHIP Coordinator
Brenda Lau, Sage PLUS/SHIP Assistant
Adele Ching, SMP Coordinator
Laurie Paleka, SMP Assistant
Patricia Tompkins, Community Living Program Manager