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Friday, March 24, 2017

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The Feasibility of a Long-Term Services and Supports Social Insurance Program for Hawaii 

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Policy Note #1: Assessing the Impact of a GET Surcharge on Hawaii's Economy (8/2015)

Policy Note #2: Financing Long-Term Care: Can't We Just Do it with Insurance? (8/2015)

Policy Note #3: Assessing Social Insurance to Fund Hawaii's Long-Term Services and Supports Needs (9/2015)

Policy Note #4: Assessing the Costs and Benefits of a Long-Term Care Insurance Program in Hawaii (10/2015)

Policy Note #5: Assistive Technology: Tools for Care (10/2015)

Policy Note #6: Implications of Using Tax Incentives to Increase Long-Term Care Insurance Coverage (10/2015)

Policy Note #7: Implications of Informal Caregiving (10/2015)

Policy Note #8: On regressivity of Flat Tax Social Programs (12/2015)

Policy Note #9: Funding a Public Long-Term Care Program (1/2016)

Policy Note #10: Exploring Financing Options for a Public Long-Term Care Program (1/2016)

Policy Note #11: Frequently Asked Questions about SB 2478 and HB 1885 (2/2016)

Policy Note #12: Notes on the Financing and Economic Impacts of SB 2478 and HB 1885 (2/2016)


The Feasibility of a LTSS Social Insurance Program in Hawaii (12/2014)

Executive Summary

             ► Appendices

             ► Hawaii LTSS Feasibility Study:  Guide to Actuarial Model Output Files

► Rev 4_Pub_Premium Model_Working Population_$12.00

► Rev 4_Pub_Premium Model Whole Population $17.50

► Rev 4_Pub_Income Tax 0.7%

► Rev 4_Pub_GET 0.4%

► Rev 4_Pub_GET 0.375%

► Policy Notes

Hawaii State Plan on Aging (10/1/2015 - 9/30/2017)

Hawaii State Plan on Aging
6.77 MB


Area Agency Plans on Aging (10/1/2015 - 9/30/2019)

Honolulu County (3.48 MB)

Maui County (3.07 MB)

Hawaii County (7.90 MB)

Kauai County (11.9 MB)


Archived Publications

2015 Executive Office on Aging LTSS Awareness and Opinion Survey Report (December 2015)

Evaluation of TCARE Pilot Program (September 2015)

Statewide Mobility Management Report (December 2014)

Prevention of Elder Abuse Is In Our Hands: A Guide to Identify, Report and Prevent Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation (July 2014)

Timebanking Feasibility Study (June 2014)

Hawaii 2025: State Plan on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (December 2013)

Executive Office on Aging Strategic Plan:  Hawaii 2020 - Towards an Aging Future (December 2013)

Hawaii's 2020 Vision: The State of Active Aging (November 2013)

Evaluation Report on Hawaii's Community Living Program (April 2013)

Profile of Successful Aging Among Hawaii's Older Adults (January 2013) 

2013-2018 Falls Prevention State Plan (January 2013)

Hawaii ADRC 5-Year Operational Plan (March 2011)

Business Plan on Sustainability and Marketing for Evidence-Based Programs (November 2010)